There's a woman in Utah that has caught the bouquet at weddings 46 times.  Why?!  Because she can it seems. And she's got the mentality of a football player about it.  

Jamie Jackson is going for the Guinness Book of World Records for the most catches, and if you're like me you probably didn't know that record existed or was something to aspire to.  But this lady wants it, and she has a strategy to put herself in position to catch the flowers when the bride tosses them.  She's been to 80 weddings and has caught the bouquet more than half the time.

If you're standing next to this fierce competitor, would you fight her for the flowers, or let her have the bouquet?  I think I'd hang out at the back and let her knock herself out diving for it.  Catching it traditionally means you'll be the next to get married, and what a bunch of hooey that is!  Because really, if she's caught that thing 46 times and she's still single, shouldn't she be married and divorced at least a few times by now?  The last thing I need is the pressure of the bouquet catch.  I have enough trouble sorting through profiles on Tinder and Plenty of Fish.

How does she do it?  It's all about position.  She says, "You have to be in the front if you want the best chance of catching the bouquet. Because usually when the bride tosses it, she throws it straight up and it will hit a ceiling or a chandelier then go straight down."

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