Vets4Pets is out with their annual list of the most unusual items swallowed by dogs.
Here are the most unusual items dogs had removed from their stomachs last year:


Ingram Publishing,Thinkstock

1 – Underwear of owner’s ‘non-partner’
2 – Riding crop
3 – Carpet thread running from mouth to bottom
4 – Needle and thread
5 – Whole baked potato
6 – Rubber chicken (whole)
7 – Christmas tinsel
8 – Corn on the cob middle
9 – Baby’s pacifier
10 – Barbie doll head (without hair)

By the way, #1 above "underwear of owner's no partner" was the way that this man's wife found out he was cheating on her.  The dog passed the underwear and they were not hers.


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