A Horseshoe Bend High School teacher is taking the lessons outside of the classroom, by leading his construction class as they build a tiny house from the ground up.

Eric Moore has been leading his students through the project each year for the last three school years. They start with safety, shop tools, mechanical drawings, and then learn how to draw it.

From there, the students figure out the cost for total building materials as if they were a contractor themselves.

The hands-on atmosphere teaches the teens about teamwork, and serves as a nice alternative to traditional classroom learning.

At the end of the school year, the house goes up for auction and the money goes back to the program to fund supplies for next year’s house.

If you’re interested in checking out the house, stop by Horseshoe Bend High School Monday through Thursday and tell the front desk you’re interested in the tiny house auction. The silent auction will close around May 19.

I wish opportunities like this had been available when I was in high school. It's a great way for students to learn with a hands-on approach and may even choose a career in the field because of it.