I don't believe in aliens. I'm not a fan of space movies, or Star wars or Star Trek, but I'm fascinated by the spacecraft that landed on a comet today! History was made and I'm geeked out about it!

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The European Space Agency's spacecraft landed on a comet made of dust and ice and it took 10 years to accomplish this! They were literally chasing a comet through the solar system for 10 years and today they were able to laso it and land on it! Crazy! The agency's space probe named, Rosetta, dropped Philae Lander at around 1 this morning and then all the scientists and really smart people involved had to cross their fingers, toes and eyes in hope that it would land on the comet. 10 years of work and it all comes down to luck. I'm still in awe of all of this. I remember as a kid learning about Hailey's Comet and hoping I would live another 76 years to see it shoot through the sky. And now, today, November 12th, 2014 a spacecraft lands on a comet.