A husband fears that his wife is in the beginning stages of burying him alive. He isn't sure but needs help identifying if she is a hoarder or just a slob.

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Mike & Kate-
I think I married a hoarder. We've only been married 4 years but I'm worried that this is only the beginning. We didn't live together when we dated. But obviously I'd been to her house. It was always a little messy. Nothing that I was turned off by. I always knew she was the messier one of the two of us. Since we got married it's been one of the things that we bicker about but nothing major. She never washes her dishes. She just leaves them in the sink. Putting away her laundry seems an impossible task. Instead of fighting I usually just end up doing it. That stuff isn't the thing that has me worried though.
In the last 9 months, she has started hording things. She is pilling up papers in our room. She buys multiple things like blenders and toasters. They are lining the hallway in our house and our laundry room is so full you can barely reach the washer and dryer. The kitchen is getting messier by the day. When I try to talk to her about it she gets very defensive. One time I called her a hoarder and she lost it. I'm embarrassed to have people come over, even family. I've watched episodes about hording and I see that this is a disease. It's a part of OCD. My wife won't even talk about seeing a doctor or a therapist. This is affecting our life in others way. We haven't been to Oklahoma in months because there is no room in our bed. She has stuff everywhere.
Since she is unwilling to even talk about this, what can I do? I am seeing this more and more as a sickness and if she is not willing to address it, why should I have to put up with it? I can't live like this and have been thinking about moving out and discussing divorce with an attorney. I'd love to hear from people who have gone through this with a loved one. Is there hope?

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