Wow, if my kids ever ask what they should be when they grow up, I'm telling them to get their own Youtube channel.  Here is another woman who is making millions for doing almost nothing, but it's on Youtube and people are watching it.



This woman is huge on YouTube because of your kids and others like them.  And I'm talking really, really YOUNG kids.  A woman who calls herself The Disney Collector.  She does nothing but record herself opening Disney toys and playing with them.

And just from that, she ranked number five on a list of the highest earning YouTube stars earlier this year . . . bringing in over $5 MILLION in YouTube revenue so far.

But the weird thing about her is no one seems to know who she is, and you never see her face.  But three-year-olds LOVE her!  Some people believe it's because her voice is so soothing. So soothing you wanna puke.  Oops, was that out loud?  Ok, I might be a little jealous, but you be the judge.



And parents love her because you can put your kid in front of the computer, turn on a video, and they're basically hypnotized by it.


She's been posting videos since 2011 . . . has 2.4 million subscribers . . . and 3.2 BILLION views.

And in April, she had the third most-viewed YouTube channel in the WORLD, right behind Katy Perry.