We are down to the final few days that you can win your Boise Music Festival Tickets. Today from 11 till 1 Mike is at Idaho Central Credit Union at 3127 Cherry Lane in Meridian with your tickets. All you have to do to instantly get them is go to the Mix 106 tent and tell Mike:

"I am Mike and Nicole's biggest fan"

That's it!  But remember that is the only way you can get your free tickets, by saying " I'm Mike and Nicole's biggest fan"


While your there, grab a grilled hot dog and soft drink and sign up a friend for a new account. If you do you and the friend will both get $25 in cash. Plus if you sign up your kids for a new account they can get into the money machine and grab cash.  Thanks to Idaho Central Credit Union for making it possible to win your tickets today, see you at 11am