I am a dragon. Mike's a tiger. Today is the Chinese New Year and it's the year of the Horse! Find out what the means for you this year.....

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I read my horoscope (Saggitarius) and I follow the Chinese Calendar. I just found out that on top of it being Super Bowl weekend, it's a great weekend to be in Vegas because of the Chinese New Year. Apparently a lot of the casinos put out amazing displays! Oh....it's gonna be a good weekend! GO DENVER!!

Ok...back to the Chinese New Year. What does the year of the horse mean for you?? According to Holidayscelebration.com,

Those people, who are born in the year 1906 and every 12 years there after are considered to belong to Horse years. As such, 2014 is the year of Horse. Those born in the year of Horse are considered as wise, elegant and charming personalities. They are faithful to their hearts and earn the respect of all by their hard work.


I read my prediction for 2014 according to the Chinese Zodiac and oh it is going to be a good year! Yes!! My Denver Broncos will win on Sunday and I have luck on my side this year! It's a great year to be a dragon! Mike as a tiger...it's not looking too good :(