August 6th 2001, Mike and I did our first show together! I can't believe 13 years later we are still picking on each other. Check out 13 pictures that capture us over the years.

I moved to Boise, Idaho August 3rd, 2001 and Mike and I started on air together August 6th at another radio station in town. 10 months later on June 20th, 2002, we crossed the street and did our first show on Mix 106. That's why we have two anniversaries. A Mike and Kate anniversary, and a Mixaversary.

13 years! I was only going to stay for 2. But I knew after that very first show on August 6th, 2001 that the chemistry between us was undeniable and that something magical was happening. Thank you Mike and to our 12 listeners for 13 years of a career some people only dream of! Fingers crossed our key fobs works again tomorrow!