I have a friend who painted her big pregnant belly like a pumpkin one year.  She wore an orange t-shirt and pulled it up above the baby bump, and painted the bump orange with jack-o-lantern eyes.  When the baby kicked, it looked like the pumpkin was possessed, but it was still fun.

I ran across some other fun ideas for pregnant gals in the Huffington Post that I thought I'd pass along.

My favorite pregnant costume idea is a basketball player and referee.  Why not paint that belly like a big basketball, and dress your husband in referee stripes?  I bet you'll win best costume at your big fun party.  Or, the Huffington Post says, you could put a "Dangerous Curves" road sign on your head and wear black, and let the baby bump signal one of those crazy upcoming curves that will change your life.  The point is, don't let that belly stop you.  This is the one time at Halloween that you can be extra creative and one-of-a-kind.

Tis the season to shop for Halloween costumes and swap ideas!  Have a great weekend.