We might think guys and gals have a pretty dramatically different approach to the dating process when it comes to deciding what to wear and things like that, but it turns out maybe the genders are more similar than we thought.

How many times do you guys change your mind about what you're wearing before you head out the door?  Zero?  You might be surprised at what most guys say.

I will stand in my closet for about fifteen minutes before a date, staring at sweater, skirt, jeans, or tights options.  And then I'll carefully and strategically pick an outfit, look in the mirror, and decide I don't want that one.  It's the second or third outfit that us girls usually settle on, and Glamour Magazine says guys are the same way.  Ffity-nine percent of guys change clothes two or three times before a first date.  Who knew!  Forty percent wear whatever they have on, and one percent will change four or more times.  Four different Bronco jerseys?

A whopping 92 percent of guys say they don't have particular first date spot where they always go, and that every woman is different and the spot should be custom-chosen for her.  Sweet!  Then we'll settle into the sports bar and steakhouse routine after that.

Oh, and for first-date success, don't talk about exes, salaries, babies, or marriage thoughts just yet.  Drop those bombs after you start liking each other so there's a reduced chance that they become deal-breakers.  And good luck!