Mike claims guys are clueless when women are hitting on them. I never believed that until now. After reading these stories, I am shocked men and women ever get together!

Rosliothman via ThinkStock

I found this article called 21 Oblivious Men That Are Now Single for a Reason. After reading the first story, I said there is no way this can be true.

A girl once asked me to keep my dorm door unlocked so she could wake me up in the morning. The next morning she crawled into bed with me and I couldn't understand why she would come over when she was so tired.I stayed perfectly still so she would be able to sleep.

I read that back to Mike and he said, "See! I tell you all the time that guys have no clue when you are hitting on us. We truly are clueless!" I will admit I have struggled to realize that a guy is hitting on me, out in public. If he climbs into bed with me, I know he isn't there as a friend! The other 20 reasons are absolutely hilarious! #15 is the absolute best!