One day of giving! That's what Idaho Gives is all about. One day to bring non profit organizations and the community together.

If I can make one point about Idaho Gives, it's that every little bit helps! Please don't worry if you can only give $1 or $5. If all 1.61 million people in Idaho gave $3 to the Idaho non profit of their choice...HOLY COW! This is not a competition. This is a day all about giving.

I'm giving my time tonight to the Audrey Pet Foundation and emceeing the For Love of Pets event (you should join me). And I have two other favorite Idaho non profits: The Idaho Foodbank and The West Valley Humane Society.

The Idaho Foodbank has a special place in my heart for a plain and simple reason, I love to eat and I can't comprehend not knowing where your meal is coming from. I have never experienced that so I feel it's my responsibility to help those who have.

Our Idaho Foodbank backpack buddy radio-a-thon is in August but the need is year round. 1 in 4 Idaho children live in households that struggle to put enough food on the table. We can fix that with $1 at a time.The Idaho Foodbank can make $1 go a lot further than you and I can.

  • $1=3 meals
  • $1=3.6 pounds of food
  • $1=$7 worth of groceries

The second one is the West Valley Humane Society.  I love animals, especially puppies. I have always said, if I could win the lotto I would buy a ranch with tons of property and adopt all the animals that need a home. Since I haven't won the lotto just yet, I'm giving, what I can today.

There are over 600 choices for Idaho non-profit organizations to give to today. In one day, we can make a difference. Be a part of it now. Give.