Because of vandalism and crime, teenage kids hanging out at parks and playgrounds can be a big problem.  Heck teenagers, hanging out at my house is sometimes a problem, but since they're my kids, I can't really do anything about it. (legally) Or could I?Philadelphia has a problem with teenagers vandalizing their parks and playgrounds and now they are attempting to do something about it.  They are trying a crazy new experiment with sound that teenagers find very annoying and in some instances nauseating. So much so, that they can't be around it and find another place to hang out and vandalize.

And here's the cool part, and why I'd like to try it out in my house to make all my kids and their friends hang out at some other parents house so they can eat them out of house and home.  If you are over the age of 20, you can't hear this irritating sound...only teenagers.

This is pretty cool, I tried it out, and couldn't hear a thing, but my kids hated here it is for you to try with your kids.  Maybe if it works for you, you can finally start watching the TV shows you've been storing on DVR all winter without having your teenagers take over the TV.  Good Luck, hope it works.