When you're Garage Sale shopping it's always smart to have a plan. That way you don't end up with a ton of stuff you can't fit in your home. Like a giant giraffe.

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This will be my 7th Idaho's Largest Garage Sale. And I have come to count on it to get some of my summer items. I get three pairs of sun glasses for $5 every year. That way when I lose a pair in the river I won't want to drown myself. And if you're thinking the glasses are probably ugly... you're so very wrong! My favorite sun glasses came from the Idaho's Largest Garage Sale and I get compliments on them all the time.

But then there's that stuff you see in your peripheral vision. And when you look you still think it would be awesome in your house. Then you get home and you kick yourself because it's either two big for the spot you wanted it for or it's not as awesome as you thought. One mans junk is sometimes just junk.

So I recommend going in with a plan. If you need a piece of furniture measure the space you'd like to put it and possibly even a second option. Write it down and bring a tape measure with you. Example I need a shelf for all my DVD's. I'm a huge movie buff so I have over 1,000 and as of right now all of them are stacked on top of each other. So I'm in serious need of a shelf.

Another good thing to keep in mind if you're attending the Idaho's Largest Garage Sale. Bring cash, there's ATM's onsite but since it's a Garage Sale most of the vendors will not have a Credit Card machine. You should even allow for that "must have" find when thinking of bringing money. There's sure to be one or two of those.

Hope you join me Saturday and if you see a big shelf let me know, I'll be at the MIX 106 booth.

Idaho's Largest Garage Sale is this Saturday May 17th 7am - 6pm.