For lovers of Foster Farms Frozen Chicken Nuggets this may be bad news for you. A massive regional recall of the product is happening all over the Pacific Northwest. 

Take it from me, food poisoning is no joke, it will take you down for the count. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) the frozen meats where sold at Costco's in Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Utah and Alaska.

Credit: FSIS

There are two types of the product that are part of the regional recall. The 5 pound bag of Foster Farm's "Breast Nuggets" and the 10 pound bulk bags of Foster Farm's "Breast Nuggets." The recall is a Class 1 recall which means there is a very big chance that consuming any of these tasty nuggets will result in serious problems when consumed. The FSIS is urging all those who have purchased the product to just throw them away. My suggestion do a freezer purge , its always a great idea after a few weeks to do good cleaning better safe than sorry.