For the first time on record, every square inch of the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii is seeing above normal temperatures for the next three months. That's according to the Climate Prediction Center.  Let see, if my math is correct that will take us all the way into October that we even here in Idaho will be looking at warm temperatures.  So much for our really cool spring and early summer.

Climate preditcion Center

It's hot...above normal heat and don't think going away soon. Experts say that we can expect above normal warm temperatures into at least October.

An entire forecast map awash in the red and orange colors of above normal, even dare I say HOT, temperatures for a 3-month period is unprecedented in recorded weather history, According meteorologists with the Climate Prediction Center. (Sorry for all of those of you who think global warming is a load of crap)

In the past there have always been parts of the country somewhere that has cooler-than-normal air, but for the next 3 months, for the first time ever, that isn’t going to happen

The Weather Channel, predicts heat relief for only one small part of one state between now and October and that place is northern Montana.

By the way, as it looks now, with a few days left in the month, July looks to be a record, and if so, it will be the warmest in more than 135 years.