I'm sure you've probably heard some of the stories and maybe even seen some of the women who spend all kinds of money on plastic surgery to transform themselves into living Barbie dolls.  But  this woman has taken things a few steps further, and it just may be one of the dumbest thing I've ever heard of.  And I've seen and heard about some pretty dumb stuff in my life.  Remember, I have teenagers.

There's a woman in California whose name is Blondie Bennett (yep that's her God given name) who's gone way above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to transforming herself into a living, talking, breathing, eating, drinking human Barbie doll.  Not only has she spent over forty thousand dollars on five different breast enhancements and a bunch of different facial augmentations,  she's also doing hypnotherapy to make herself dumber.  She says she wants to be like Barbie inside and out.

First of all, who ever said Barbie was dumb?  My sisters had Barbies growing up, but none of us assumed she was dumb.  Also, whoever said she was good looking?  I have never in my life thought, ohhhh, if only Barbie was a real woman, I would be in love

So far she says hypnotherapy seems to be working for her, saying that she's noticed "she's becoming, a little forgetful and definitely more brainless."  Hmmm, sounds like mission accomplished to me.