The video of a Florida woman being harassed by another driver went viral yesterday and was all over the news! Find out what happened to both drivers after the video ended. *WARNING: THERE IS BAD LANGUAGE AND VULGAR HAND GESTURES IN THE FOLLOWING VIDEO*

We've all hoped that a bad driver would get the karma coming to them. And this guy definitely did! After the video titled "Redneck Road Rage" ended, the woman pulled over and called 911. Thanks to her recording, police were able to get all the info they needed to find the driver after he took off. I can't believe he was able to drive his truck after slamming into the light pole!

I heard on HLN this morning that the woman wishes to remain anonymous because she is receiving death threats for posting the video. From who? His family? His friends? You have video proof that he was harassing her! Real classy!