How does this sound? A private air strip right off of Table Rock. This isn't just a fairy tale it could happen. 

We all know how amazing the views are from up atop Table Rock. For one Boise man getting his private plane and and landing it leading up to his front yard is the perfect dream. Dean Hilde, a former Alaska Bush Pilot has always wanted to own the property just east of Table Rock. His desire is to build a 1,200 foot long, 40 foot wide landing strip. AMAZING. Not only does he plan to build this "privey spot" he will look to build a new home on the property siting at 149 acres.

The project has hit a few snags though. The Boise Park and Zoning commission is calling the red flag on the proposal siting that not all the facts have been brought to light on what the potential impact on the wildlife of the area could have. Another possible bump in the flight plan could be that the Boise Fire Department says that the new air strip would be out of a designated fire district.

Hilde, has promised that if this plan is approved that his flight time would only a maximum of 14 day trips during the week, and consent from the neighbors.

As if you needed the reminder, but here is a GREAT video of the majestic sites that is Boise from Table Rock. - JD