The YouTube videos that I see from time to time of the soldiers coming home from deployment and their dogs greeting them with such excitement ALWAYS hit me right in the feels. There is something so special about that bond and it's inexplicable.

A yellow lab named Taylor, was deployed twice to Afghanistan, and proved so effective at saving American lives, the Taliban had a bounty on her head!

Typically, once dogs like Taylor complete their service, they are adopted. The soldiers they served with are usually given first choice, but reunions aren't that easy, and they can be costly.

Molli Oliver is a veteran flight attendant for United, but her real passion is reuniting service dogs with their handlers. She's done it now four times at her own expense, flying dogs home to the men and women who love them most.

Taylor flew first class to the Boise Airport, where she was greeted by Sgt. Tom Hansen. In Afghanistan, the Idaho soldier protected her from firefighters. Taylor found bombs hidden beneath his feet.

The soldier and his best friend had been apart for two years.

Hansen said, "It's like a part of me has been missing, and you know getting her back now it will make me whole again".