Honestly there is nothing better than gathering the kids, packing the fishing gear up and spending some time on the Boise River or one of the many great lakes and streams around Idaho for fishing. The life long memories that are created are priceless. If you want to plan a day to do this with your family it's coming up.


I still remember my first trip. Casting the line with my Grandpa and my Dad at Freddy's Lake in Burley Idaho. June 11th will be "Free Fishing Day". If you do not have a fishing licence then this day is for you. Pro or just an amateur are encouraged to get out on the lakes, rivers, and streams of Idaho and fish to your hearts desire.


The Idaho Fish & Game are encouraging you to get out and teach the kids a lil bit of "Idahome" traditions. If you don't have the gear many locations will hand out loaners that can be used for the days event. Most important in my book...pack the camera's and charge the phone because if you don't snap a pic then it didn't' happen. :) - JD