When I read that Axel Rose was no longer the greatest singer of all time, I first reread that statement and then I had to to find out who actually was. Who knew!?

If you panicked liked I did and thought the music world must be coming to an end if Axel Rose is being considered the greatest singer of all time, fear not. That list by Concert Hotels was based on vocal range. Alright, I can see how he made the list. I've heard Paradise City a time or two. Prince is on that list and so is Mariah Carey. When hitting the high notes and hanging on for a moment or three, yes I would agree.

This list will always be controversial. No one will every agree on who the greatest singer is based on any category. Way too subjective. The one thing about vocal range is that it can be measured by science. And VVN Music did some research and came up with a completely different #1 greatest singer based on the numbers. And the winner is: Michael Patton of Faith No More. Really?! Who? When you have one hit can you be considered for any greatest singer of all time list even if you did have 6 octaves?