Does your investment portfolio suck?  Do you owe on your taxes and don't have the cash? Maybe your answer is buried right here in the Treasure Valley.  I'm talking buried treasure.














Thanks to Legends of America, here are just a few other rumored treasures that are uried in Idaho.

Boise County - Near the Nevada state line at Rye Flats, a shipment of newly-minted gold coins, still in their original wrappers is said to have been hidden in a metal box. Inside an above ground cave, the coins were worth $40,000 at the time they were stolen. Allegedly, the bandits never returned for the stolen loot.

Idaho County - About five miles southwest of White Bird, along the Salmon River, is a place called Robber's Gulch. More than a century ago, outlaws held up a freight wagon carry some $75,000 in miner's gold and hid it here among the rocks before heading toward the rough Seven Devils area. But the unlucky robbers would not live to return for their stolen cache, as a posse caught up with them in the mountains and every last one of them was shot before anyone thought to ask about the whereabouts of the stolen loot. To date, the gold has never been found.

Lewis & Clark Trail - During the years of 1805 and 1806, the Lewis and Clark traveled through Idaho documenting the territory and meeting with Native Americans along the trail. Along the way they distributed some 55 Washington Season medals to the Indian Chiefs as peace offerings. . Very rare and worth a fortune, only a few of these are accounted for today. Many believe that several of these medals can be found along the Idaho expedition path through present day cities of Lewiston, Spaulding, Orofino, and others.




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