Oh that poor middle child, always the forgotten and neglected one and rarely the center of attention.  That's my middle child in the pic, and she's not afraid to yell and stomp until she's noticed.  Middle kids do what they gotta do!

The middle child will get all the love next week in Boise!

It's a night just for them, and they'll even be able to get autographs from talented sports stars who also happen to be middle children.

I wrestled with the idea of trying for a third child, but that third one did eventually come along, and forever trapped my little Kallan in the middle.  I try to shower her with hugs and kisses as much as I can so she never feels forgotten, and with that I may be short-changing the oldest one a hug or two.  Gosh parenting is so challenging.  I need a hug counter.

Next Tuesday, August 12th, is National Middle Child's Day, so that would be a great day to take your middle kid out for ice cream or take a cake to work to celebrate your middle kid co-workers.  They're the understanding, cooperative peacemakers at the office who are probably also the best negotiators.

Tuesday night the Boise Hawks will celebrate by honoring middle children with half price tickets, and they'll play middle child-themed music (I don't know what that is either!), play Mid Kid-themed games, and they'll have an autograph session with Mid Kid players. They'll also have the chance to join the official "Middle Kid Union."

What a fun idea!  Now, can the oldest child get some love?