Thanksgiving is here and Facebook is making it easy and fun to say thank you to all your family and friends.

Maybe you’ve already seen this or even  received a Facebook thank you and thought to yourself that it was pretty cool.  My wife received one from our nephew this weekend, and I have to admit it is pretty cool and now that I’ve seen the demonstration video and checked it out for myself, I have to admit that it is pretty easy to make and send out.

Facebook makes it easy to choose which friends you’d like to thank.  You have three different options to chose from; family, friends, or old friends.

Facebook will choose pictures from your status updates or you can choose pictures yourself.   Just go through you pictures click on the ones you want to use and your done.  Easy peazy! Once you’ve logged in, you can check out this page and create your own video.

Check out the demonstration video below that will show you how easy it is to create your very own Facebook, Say Thanks video.  Then get busy saying thank you to all your friends and family.