Facebook has now made everything that we do public to anyone's eyes when ever they want. Just a click of a button and you can get a snapshot, or sometimes  more of your best friends, spouse, co-worker and even a strangers life. The New Mix Morning Show with Mike and Nicole are saying to heck with just the words you read on the posts that could ruffle feathers, lets act them out. 

Take all the angst, the jealousy the hillarity and that is what we like to call "FACEBOOK FIGHTS". We take public spats and turn them around for the whole 12 listeners to enjoy. We present to you Episode #1.

Want to have your Facebook Messages, Posts, or Comments acted out? Send an email to mikeandnicole@mix106radio.com. As always follow along on Facebook, Twitter and listen in every morning from 5:30 A.M. to 10:00 A.M. - JD