J. Crew is taking a lot of heat over a sizing decision they recently made. Honestly I don't see what the big deal is.


J. Crew has a new size 000 designed for customers with a 23 inch waist. Some people are outraged over this saying it sets a bad example for young women.

I have to disagree with them. When I was in high school the smallest size was 0. I was not a 0 nor have I ever been a 0. So instead of being outraged that they offered a size I couldn't fit my husky thighs into, I just moved down the rack and bought the size that fit me. How silly to be upset that there will be clothes in the store that you can't fit into! Isn't the point of a store to find clothes in different sizes? These stores are trying to appeal to all customers so they can sell the most clothes to the most people. J. Crew must have had enough demand from women with a 23 inch waist to create the 000. I have never been the same size as my friends but I am not upset with them because they don't fit into the same pair of Lucky jeans that I do. This is ridiculous. Another example of being too PC. If you don't fit into a size 000 then let me help you out...don't search for jeans in those sizes, buy try them on and definitely don't buy them. Problem solved.