Merriam-Webster has revealed 150 new words that will be added to its collegiate dictionary this year, ranging from hashtag and catfish to turducken and crowdfunding. Most of these new words we already use on a regular basis, even though they weren't officially real words.  No wonder my spell check doesn't work very well.

Here is a selection of some of the new words, with definitions and the earliest year Merriam-Webster editors could find them being unofficially used.  Check out all 150 words added to the dictionary by clicking the button bar below.

Auto-Tune (v., 2003): to adjust or alter (a recording of a voice) with Auto-Tune software or other audio-editing software esp. to correct sung notes that are out of tune

baby bump (n., 2003): the enlarged abdomen of a pregnant woman

turducken (n., 1982): a boneless chicken stuffed into a boneless duck stuffed into a boneless turkey

tweep (n., 2008): a person who uses the Twitter online message service to send and receive tweets