Do you want to feel safe as you fly this summer?  Then DON'T watch this video, because it shows the complete and utter breakdown of the TSA.

I am shocked by this study, because it seems like every time I fly somewhere, the TSA singles me out to have some gloved security guard stick his hands down my pants looking for a weapon.  How many times do I have to say it? That is NOT a weapon.

The Department of Homeland Security recently went undercover as civilians to try to sneak weapons and explosives through different airports around the country, to test TSA security checkpoints.  They conducted 70 tests at dozens of different airports around the U.S.  Do you want to take a guess as to how many times one of them got through checkpoints with guns and explosives?  Go ahead, I will give you a few more seconds.


Out of 70 people, the TSA only stopped them THREE TIMES.  The other 67 times, the TSA failed to detect a bomb or weapon during baggage screening.  That's a 95% failure rate.  In one case a tester triggered an alarm, but in the pat-down that followed, the screener failed to find the fake explosive taped to his back.


Kind of makes you want to drive to Disney World this summer huh?