A New Jersey woman has a cardboard cut out of Bradley Cooper and it basically lives with her family. She takes him everywhere. Click here to see her creepy fantasy.


Danielle Davies, in my opinion, is psychotic about Bradley Cooper. Apparently she knows the hottie from back in school (they did a play together). So she decided to get the actor's attention by taking a cardboard cutout of him everywhere: from the grocery store, to the mall, to a romantic rendezvous at an indoor carousel. Why not just friend him on Facebook and say, remember me? Too easy?

She of course has other motivations for this creepy behavior...she wants to make money off it by writing a book about her project. Her Instagram page is titled, mylifewithbradleycooper.

So many questions are running through my head...what do your kids think? Does she think Bradley is going to call her up and say, "hey, lose the cardboard cut-out and replace it with the real thing.. me!" Ummmm...no.