Well I do and I'm wondering if I go over board or not enough. I know people that go all out & others that don't even know their pets birthday.

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My dog Zeke turned seven on Thursday, my fiance took him for a run & to the dog park. And of course I got him a birthday presents. A very large pink kiddy pool as well as a nice big bone. Because he's a large dog & gets large presents.

I don't know if you saw the video Kate posted a while back about the dog birthday party, but that dog owner to me over does it. Watching that made me totally judge how I act on my dogs birthday. So my thought was is the presents too much.

I'm not trying to make it a huge deal or anything, it's just that I'm happy he's around and want him to know it. Haha does that make me crazy or just weird? I guess what I'm really asking & wanting to know. What's the normal pet birthday protocol? What do you do on your pets birthday?