I love Sushi & would eat it several times a week if I could afford it. But since I can't when we have family dinner we normally go to sushi. And this last time they made me try something I would have never ordered.

I wanted to try Octopus because I never have & the chef asks me if I like tobiko & quail eggs. I say yes (stupidly) thinking the quail egg would be cooked. He says "Ok if I make you something will you try it?". Still questioning his motives I said yes.

Then five minutes later this is sitting in front of me.

Stephanie Kay Image

It's called a "Red Eye" also known IOU Sushi's hangover cure. It has a sea weed wrap, quail egg, tobiko, sriracha sauce & octopus. It sat in front of me for a minute as I starred. And then my mom tells the chef "she'll never eat that" so of course I had to. And besides he asked & I said yes.

So with out in further ado I put the whole thing in my mouth. During the first bite the quail egg slimes through everything. And then all the tobiko started popping. And I looked at the chef & he says "like pop rocks huh" and seriously it was! Without the sound & sugar.

It's quite good you just have to get passed the slimy egg part. Whose up for sushi?