Forget the open casket wedding, here's a novel Idea that I believe could happen in New Orleans.


Scott Olson/Getty Images

During her time on Earth,  Miriam Burbank loved ice cold beer, and an occasional scotch.

The woman that her friends affectionately called, Mae-Mae, was what you would call a party girl.

Miriam’ daughters wanted to give their mom a big send off that she, along with all her friends, would remember. She went to the funeral directors at Charbonnet Funeral Home, located in Treme New Orleans to see if they would put it together.

Charbonnet Funeral home is known for their unorthodox funerals, and this funeral is definitely that.

Miriam Burbank is sitting upright at a table wearing Saints colors, even her fingernails painted black and gold.  She’s holding a glass of Busch beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other.

Now you and I may think the whole thing was a little creepy, but the whole thing was well received by her friends and family.   Her sister Sherline said, “When I walked in, I feel like I was in her house and I didn’t hurt so much, it’s like she’s just in the room with us.”

Charbonnet Funeral Home is no stranger to weird sendoffs for loved ones.