This may be one of the most heinous acts of cowardice I've ever seen.  It is ABSOLUTELY the worst case of sportsmanship ever.  Watch the video, then comment about what you think should happen to these two high school football players.

In my opinion, these two players, in addition to being arrested for assault, should never be allowed to play, not only football, but any high school sport ever again.  I think it should also go without saying, that they should be suspended from school.

This truly is assault and after watching the video, you can tell it was premeditated.  The way this referee was hit could have caused permanent bodily harm.

I also believe that the coach should be fired from his job too.  Even if he didn't know about the assault, this proves he has no control over his players and that they have no respect for his authority.  If that's the case, he's lost the team anyway.

What do you think?  Am I wrong?  Do I not go far enough in what I think the punishment should be?

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