There have been rumblings for the past few years that the Yellowstone Super Volcano is past due to erupt. It last erupted over six hundred thousand years ago. And for those of you who think we here in the Treasure Valley would be safe, you would be wrong


According to experts some of the past eruptions were much bigger than previously thought.

Science Daily had this to say in a recent article  " The Snake River Plains 12 recorded giant eruptions were likely ‘significantly larger’ than research has previously suggested."

Now I realize that we are talking about past eruptions, but most scientists agree that when not if the Yellowstone Super Volcano erupts again it will be bigger than some people are predicting.

What does that mean for you and me living in the Treasure Valley.  We won't probably be seeing lava flow into downtown Boise or Caldwell, but the explosion, earthquakes and super heated air that explodes out of the first eruption followed by the tons of ash would surly cause us all to have a very bad day.  But who knows, even though a number of scientists seem to think that 2016 might be the year, maybe we'll get lucky for another hundred thousand years or so and the biggest interruptions we'll see out of Yellowstone will come from Old Faithful.


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