Who knew you could put a little Pam on the snow shovel and that would help with the scoopin!  What other winter weather shortcuts might make life easier?

If you ever get your car stuck in the snow, you're supposed to toss some kitty litter under the tires, rock the car back and forth, switch from drive to reverse, and drive off.  Because we all have kitty litter in the car, at the ready, right?  Maybe the hubby can stop at Walmart and get some and bring it out when you get stuck.

Cooking spray on the snow shovel is another good idea, according to Business Insider, because it's supposed to keep the snow from sticking and make the scooping easier.

And if you prep car windows with vinegar, it's supposed to keep ice from forming.  It's supposed to be a 3:1 ratio of distilled vinegar to water, and even if you forget the prep that mixture should help the ice melt faster.

And another use for bubble wrap -- mist some water on the window and that will help bubble wrap stick for weeks if not months.  That will help with insulation at the house.  You might have to explain it to guests, but they shouldn't complain cuz they'll be warm.

Who knew there were so many ways to make winter not so bad.  I sure didn't, but I love a good hack so I thought I'd share.  There's a 90 percent chance of rain or snow on Friday with a high of 37.  Keep the Pam handy.