I am so grateful that my family loves trying new foods. My kids aren't picky about what they eat (yet) and my 12 year old LOVES to help out in the kitchen. We watch shows like MasterChef Junior together as a family and then try to come up with new concoctions and recipes to try out.

I've been dying to try Terra's Kitchen, which compared to the other subscription meal programs on the market, they blew the others out of the water for me.

Once I placed my order, my box arrived just a few days later. I brought it inside by the convenient handles and was so surprised when I opened it up. It had tray drawers with all of the ingredients we will need to make 4 meals. All conveniently labeled and numbered for the coordinating recipe, as well as the "good by" date. This box was more like a mini fridge really. It had drawers and ice packs to keep things cool. The recipes are all printed on thick, hole punched cardstock paper so I can put them in a binder and save them! My son and I took all of the ingredients out and transferred them to our refrigerator. Then we peeled off the shipping label which exposed the return label underneath, put the container back out at the front door and VOILA! FedEx automatically picks it up the next morning. No need to break down any boxes, call and schedule a pick up, etc. It's all done for you!

I love that I don't have to spend not only the time, but I don't have to dirty up dishes or utensils with chopping, dicing, cutting the ingredients. Another HUGE plus for me with this type of meal program as opposed to one that is already made for you, is that all of your ingredients are measured and sealed fresh, but YOU get to make it. There is something so satisfying about making an impressive meal all by yourself, that makes it taste so much better!

I will definitely be ordering again from Terra's Kitchen!

If you want to give them a try too, you can use promo code NICOLEMIX30 at checkout for $30 off your first order HERE. Tag me in your pics on Facebook or Instagram too!

*Terra's Kitchen provided me with a free one-time subscription in exchange for a review on my experience. All opinions remain my own.