The Mix 106 Mom of the Year was announced at our luncheon today at Lucky Fins Seafood Grill. See you won this prestigious title and what she won!

Mix 106 Photos

Congratulations Marlene Thompson! She was voted the Mix 106 Mom of the Year!

Her daughter Tessah, nominated her. PLEASE pick my mom to be Mom of 2015. She 500% deserves it. She has had Multiple Sclerosis and Fibromylagia for 15+ years. She has also raised 7 children (3 have mental disabilities) that are between the ages of 31 and 21 yrs old. She is also raising one of her grandchildren. She took care of her father (WW2 Vet) until he passed from cancer June 2013 and is now taking care of her 82 year old mother who has a lot of health issues. She has been a Foster Parent to several Idaho children and loved them like her own. She is also trying to keep her homemade children's clothing line on Etsy going. She sews the clothing all by hand and its AMAZING work. My mom has sewn clothing for charity to the foster care program and even making bankets, dresses, ect for other countries. She will help anyone at any time. She has been a wife to my dad for 32 years, a mother, amazing daughter and wonderful friend. Ask any of her children or 5 in-law children, shes truly amazing! PLEASE


As the Mix 106 Mom of the Year, Marlene won:

Happy Mother's Day to all moms!