Last Monday we told you about two young boys died in a fire in Twin Falls. Their mother and sister survived but have lost not only their family but everything else. There is a way you can help.

The "work family" of the grandmother of these two young boys reached out to us and asked that we pass on this update and information on how you can help.

Last Monday a 4 year old boy and a his 1 year old brother were killed in a trailer fire in Twin Falls. Their mother had stepped outside to talk on the phone when a space heater started a fire inside. A dead bolt became engaged on the door and the boys were trapped. Neighbors and the boy’s mother tried relentlessly to get them out. Their 3 year old sister was able to escape without injury. Get the full story here

The mother, Heather Green, underwent surgery to amputate her fingers and begin the repair process of her broken hands as a result of trying to break through the door and glass windows to get to her young children.

Heather and her daughter are being helped by the Red Cross with clothing and temporary shelter. They could benefit from any act of kindness or generosity as they try to put the pieces back together. Prayers included.