I went to the new Big Jud's location for the first time last week. And of course my fiance was convinced he could conquer the 2 lb challenge!

Stephanie Kay - Townsquare Media Photo

But sadly the photo above is as far as he made it and he barely touched the fries. But that's still A LOT of food to consume in one sitting. There's a ton of photos on the wall of people that have actually conquered the 2 lb Challenge. But before you go thinking you can consume all that food, read the exact rules from Bug Jud's:

2 lb Challenge

  1. You MUST consume the entire burger, fries, and drink – the burger must have all the trimmings
  2. You have up to 30 minutes to complete the challenge
  3. You may not leave the table during the challenge
  4. The meal is free ONLY if you complete the challenge
  5. You will receive a special T-shirt to commemorate your success
  6. You will get your picture taken and added to the wall of fame if you manage to complete the challenge

I told you it's a lot of food! And you have to eat all of it in 30 minutes! Dang that's not a lot of time & a lot of food. But if you must try this challenge, I have to know if you actually conquered it or not. Post your photo at