I'm clumsy and I work in a place that has lots of expensive equipment. Oh and there is that silly FCC license thing that I have to protect. I need to know what I can get away with and what I can't.

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I saw this story about an employee being fired because he wrote his name in what he thought was dust on a sculpture in his company's office. Nope! It was actually pigment that had not yet been treated with sealant on the $100,000 piece of art. Whoops.

I immediately could picture myself doing something stupid like that. I have told my boss not to ask me to drive the MIX 106 van. It would only end bad. That thing drives top heavy and there is a piece of equipment on the top that prohibits the driver from entering parking garages, drive thrus, and car washes. The minute I got a craving for a chocolate chip cookie dough blizzard that million dollar piece of metal would be that last thing I would be thinking about and it would be laying in the drive thru as I left with my yummy soft serve.

I am a financial disaster waiting to happen so they don't give me a lot of "equipment responsibility" in this joint. It got me thinking though...who has cost their company the most money? What did you break at work? Did you get your company sued?