There has GOT to be a song written about this little boy. Boy goes to Red Sox game. Boy notices adorable girl sitting behind him. Boy nabs foul ball. Boy turns around and gives foul ball to adorable girl. They lived happily ever after.

It's a classic love story.




12-year old Ryan was sitting at a Red Sox game when a foul ball was hit and then given to him. A typical middle-school boy would keep that memento for himself. Not Ryan. He immediately turned around and gave the ball to the adorable little girl, Reece, sitting behind him.




Ryan says he just likes to make other people happy.


The team noticed what Ryan had done and, for being such an incredible kid, gifted him two baseballs and a goodie bag that had a bracelet inside. I'll give you on guess as to what he did with the bracelet.


Yep, he gave it to Reece.


I can't wait to hear about their wedding 10-15 years from now.