Boise State has hundreds of clubs on campus ranging from service groups to sports, gaming or politics. A little over a year ago, Hali Jones, senior criminal justice major and Alyssa Milstead, junior English major decided to add to that list.

They created a club called Crafting For A Cause, combining their love for crafting and service in the community.

When looking for clubs to get involved in, both girls wanted to do something with service to the Boise community. As the girls were crafting during winter break, they realized Boise State doesn’t have a crafting club.

Hali Jones said, “We are both Pinterest lovers and were shocked when we discovered Boise State didn’t have a crafting club, so that’s when we decided to start one.”

There are a lot of steps to start a new club, but they never gave up. The process involves a lot of paperwork, finding staff advisers, and explaining exactly what the club can create for Boise State, which can be difficult.

Since the start of the club last year, they have been busy working with various organizations and events around the Boise State campus.

During Dance Marathon, they created a craft area for the St. Luke’s Hospital children. They also made Easter baskets for the children and families staying at the Boise Ronald McDonald House, worked with the Women’s and Children’s Alliance making hats, scarves and blankets and teamed up with with Sigma Chi during their week-long Derby Days philanthropy events.

Jones and Milstead both hope the club lives on and continues to partner with organizations to help craft for those in need long after they graduate.

If you or someone you know attends BSU and would like to get involved in the group, you can find more details and upcoming events on their Facebook page.