What do you think about these Friday night games?

Last Friday night's game agreed with the Broncos.  They beat Fresno State 37-27.  Tomorrow night Boise State plays BYU at home at 7pm.  Which means you're working a half day and tailgating your little Bronco butt off, right?  Awesome.

I have much admiration for people who drag mini grills and tons of meat and huge coolers to stadiums to set up shop for a few hours before football games.  The atmosphere is awesome!  For a short time, and then you have all that cleanup to do. Probably with a buzz.  And then you have to find where you put your tickets and figure out what to do with the leftover ribs, and get into the stadium.

The Food Network has some great tailgating ideas, like nachos, artichoke and bacon dip, and berry beer punch.   Sounds like a good start to the weekend to me.

And break out the chips and dip tonight too cuz the Broncos are playing on Thursday Night Football against the Chargers.  Go Peyton!  (See Kate McGwire's blogs on her experience at the game last Sunday when Peyton broke that record.  Fun times!)

And this Sunday the NFL games start at 7:30am Mountain time.  Seriously!  You can eat pancakes while you're watching the Lions and Falcons play in London.  And then there will be more football all day.

If we end up with a little more "bass" this fall we're blaming football, and all the good food that goes with it.