Have you ever taken a glance at your cell phone while you were driving? Maybe you thought that sitting a stop light and scrolling through your notifications was okay it's not like you aren't hurting anyone. That is exactly the idea that the Boise Police Department are fighting against for the entire month of April. 

I am guilty of this. I've picked up the phone while driving and talked on it, and even texted. I'm not proud of it, but once I found out the stats over the past few years of the accidents and fatalities caused by a quick glance I will NEVER use my phone again while driving. It is so easy to be quickly distracted from what is going on in front of you when you are tuned into so many notifications. With Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and now always being connected to emails we are never truly free of our cell phones.

This new driving experience lets you safely experience what the out come of being distracted on the road feels like. In my book it's much safer to do it at Wahooz and Pinz then on Parkcenter Blvd or Broadway. I think we can all agree that text..#ItCanWait. - JD