You have more than likely seen this. The #MannequinChallenge. What has gone viral over the last few weeks across the country has finally landed smack dabbed in the middle of the Treasure Valley. These are too good. Watching everyone perfect the Mannequin Challenge is pretty crazy. Here are a few of my favorites that may get you and your group of friends of business to participate. If you do make sure to send us the video and tag us on social media with #Mix106radio and #MixMannequinChallenge You never know what prizes we may have for you.

Boise Barber College:

Zumba Glow Party:

Urban Ascent:

Paylocity Boise:

And my favorite...the original of all originals. Let's remember this folks..Zach, Kelly, Jessie, Mr B and AC Slater the FIRST Mannequin Challengers. BOOM!