With over 25 miles that stretch across our amazing city, sometimes it can be so easy to take for granted what many cities do not have. We are the lucky ones that get to call The Greenbelt a Boise Tradition.

The Boise River Greenbelt: Celebrating the 45th Anniversary of an Urban Pathway from Guy Hand on Vimeo.

With the original idea for the Boise Greenbelt constructed in 1964, this urban walkway has served as an alternative to the City Of Tree's locals ever since. What was once an area of trash and garbage that was piling up this "green belt" when through almost a rebirth and has been a badge of honor for  generations of Boiseians. One of the most amazing things about the Greenbelt is the number of parks and attractions that are off shoots of this bike and walking path.

There are so many things to do on the Greenbelt that I could never put them all down, but one of my favorites are the Bike Scavenger Hunt that I remember doing as a kid. As a history buff as well just learning more about the beginnings of the Greenbelt peeks my interest. Here is a blast from the past, check out this aerial video of the developing video from the 1970's and see how much has changed.HERE.

So get out, enjoy the walk ways take in the wildlife that most major cites don't get to call a normal site. This is our hidden gem, inside our beautiful home. For more on the history and activities on the Boise Greenbelt visit The Boise Parks And Rec Page online.