Another reason why I'm so proud to be a CSU Ram! The Colorado State Veterinary Program helped Brutus survive an at-home amputation and gave him 4 new paws!

I am so proud to say I am a CSU alum! I wear my green and gold with pride! I didn't think I could love my Rams anymore and then I saw this story.

"When Brutus was just a puppy, his breeder left the Rottweiler outside in freezing temperatures.
He suffered frostbite in all four paws. The breeder tried to salvage the puppy’s paws with an at-home amputation, but Brutus was maimed and couldn’t walk without pain.
Now 2 years old, Brutus is living with a dedicated pet lover and has become the second dog ever known to receive four prosthetic limbs. He is learning to walk again with help from OrthoPets, an animal prosthetics developer in Denver, and pet orthopedics experts at Colorado State University’s James L. Voss Veterinary Teaching Hospital."

I can't comprehend why someone would ever attempt an at-home amputation?! I try not to focus on that part and instead am so grateful that Brutus was taken to CSU's Vet Hospital and given a chance to run and play like all dogs should!
Check out his entire story and all the photos and videos of the progress Brutus has made thanks to CSU and Ortho Pets!