How would you like to be the first to see Star Wars, The Force Awakens? We have your free tickets to see the movie with Mike on December 17th at the Village Cinemas at the Village at Meridian, your official Star Wars movie theater.


Listen to play Star Wars Catch Phrase.  Correctly identify the phrase within 20 seconds and the force will be with you as you get an exclusive invitation to a VIP red carpet party Star Wars party at the Kona Grill Cantina where you will be served free food and drinks by various Star Wars characters.  Then you will be escorted to the exclusive first 3D showing of the sold out  "The Force Awakens"

Here is the newest and final official trailer, and if you're curious as to what will happen in this movie, click the button bar below and find out first impressions of the upcoming release.  Good luck, hope to be taking you to the movie with me at the Village Cinemas, your official Star Wars, The Force Awakens movie theater..

Here are ten Star Wars fact to start getting you ready for Star Wars VII, The Force Awakens